We specialize in designing and building non-standard stands (stands made of building slabs), technological solutions in this systems allow us to realize even the most daring project guidelines of our clients. Individual stands are suited to the image and style of our partner. In the fair world such stands are appreciated and prestigious. A creative project together with experience of our assembly workers is a guarantee of the highest quality of performed service and, what follows, successful fairs. This is proven by our realisations and clients’ satisfaction.

To have the project realized quickly, please send:

  • the map of assigned fair area;
  • guidelines concerning the stand look;
  • information on demand for the back;
  • stand project if the company continues the previous concept of the build;
  • information on an exhibited product, demand for showcases, shelves, platforms;
  • stand budget to match to a suitable build.

We invite to inquire on our e-mail address:


We deal with fair stand building in a thorough way, it means from the moment of project acceptance to the end of the fairs. Our knowledge and experience is a content-related support at the whole stage of cooperation not only on stand building but also when placing an order at the event organiser. Our team guarantees full engagement in each project realized by us.

The service of fair stand building includes:

  • Project realisation;
  • making a stand construction;
  • doing graphic design;
  • stand assembly and disassembly;
  • logistics and transport service;
  • providing with wiring and water and sewage installation;
  • supplying with furniture, household appliances, audio-video equipment;
  • supplying the stand with compositional elements (flowers, gadgets);
  • service on the stand;
  • additional services like catering, hostesses, ….

We are pleased to present testimonials of our clients